MAGLOC® MAGLOC Push Button Trigger Lock A-switch #1200

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Magloc is a registered trademark of Smart Lock Technology Inc. in the United States Patent and Trademark Office since 1997.  Registration number: 75074255

MAGLOC® Push Button Trigger Lock  US Patent 6,487,803
(can also works as a quick release bicycle lock)
CAN $ 29.00
Note: All prices on this website are in Canadian $.  One US$ is about 1.3 CAN$ as on November 2020) 

Only 2 steps to release the lock
Step 1. Press the combination   
Step 2.  Press the release button

We have two models:
A- switch (lock can only be opened when switch is in the 'A' position)
B-switch (lock can only be opened when switch is on the B position)

Quick release even in total darkness (no visual contact)
Prevents unauthorized use of firearms Integrated trigger and cable lock
No batteries or keys required Locks most types of firearms
Increase child safety
Adjustable combination Lock teeth are concealed and cannot be easily picked

Made of high strength die-cast alloy
Net Weight :  9.9 oz (282 gram)
Dimension: Width - 3.16" (80.2mm); Height - 1.97" (50.0mm);Depth - 1.99" (50.5mm) 

** This Trigger Lock is one of the two that passed the test out of 75 gun locks tested by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission in 2001.  Full report is shown in the attached photos.

Review on Amazon
Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2019
Verified Purchase 

Looks secure and substantial in package, but I was surprised the combination is not sequential, meaning that you can have 3-4 numbers out of 9, and if those 3-4 are pushed (they should stay in) in any order, you can open the lock. It is actual keys and dummy keys, so the security relies on the combinations of 3 or 4 out of 9, which will take someone significant time if they don't get lucky, but then they also need to know which of the two side buttons to push as well. The real positive of this non-sequential combination is that it will be significantly easier and take much less training/practice to master in the dark . Back is mountable and once I got it fit well for the Security Six (it took a while but I am quite particular), it got mounted to my bedside table and in just a few minutes I mastered the release (you probably can't single-hand release and hold firearm properly, and my method involves releasing the lock, letting drop to the floor while I grip the revolver and swing it toward the BR door. The lock bangs on the floor, but I think I like giving a potential intruder a bit of warning that something is happening before they have a red dot on their forehead and are blinded by the taclight. I hope they will turn around so no engagement is necessary. By the time the lock hits the floor I have my grip established and am sweeping the weapon off the holder, so I am already ready incase they rush.


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    Quick to open, good quality

    Posted by Stephen on 2021 Jan 21st

    Great quality heavy-duty lock, well made and easy to open with your eyes closed in 1 second. Customer support from the Vancouver Gun Shop is excellent too A+++